BigBarn – support your local small producer!

We are now listed with BigBarn and you can order your meat online through our market place store. Big Barn help people find good, safe, accountable food & drink from local sources and encourage trade and communication.

How does BigBarn benefit the community?

1. It provides a definitive database of producers who want to sell direct.
2. It promotes these producers by displaying them on post code specific maps.
3. BigBarn actively seeks other like-minded websites to display the BigBarn map, free, to open within their website to promote local producers.
4. It encourages consumers to Crop for their Local Shop to help make it the local food hub and champion
5. It develops and promotes an on-line MarketPlace to allow producer members of BigBarn e-commerce to sell local food online.
6. BigBarn is continually looking for ways to help producers team up with local shops to offer consumer a complete range of food & drink cheaper, like for like, than the supermarket. see
7. It accesses any grants to help achieve the BigBarn community’s objectives.
8. It provides producer members with a database of case studies to help them improve their businesses and better meet the needs of local consumers.
9. It is always looking to improve and grow

So visit BigBarn and search for Brambletigh in the marketplace 🙂


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