Pet Run Design & Supply

We manufacture modular panels which can be used to build poultry pens, aviaries, pet runs, catteries and many other purposes.

All our panels are made using pressure treated wood and strong weld mesh. Joints are triple secured with biscuit joints, glue and screws.

So whatever you have in mind – you come up with a design and purchase the panels to build your perfect enclosure for your cats, chickens, geese or tortoises. You could also use them to keep pests out – perfect for fruit or vegetable protection!

All our panels are supplied for you to use to construct your project at home. We will include a set of weatherproof screws to join the panels and recommend that you pre-drill holes prior to fixing. You may need to purchase additional fixings from your local DIY store depending on your project. All doors panels include hinges and a bolt.

pen2Panels are available in a range of sizes with the standard starting at 1800 x 950. We also offer a full size door panel, triangle end pieces, half height and half width to enable you to build a variety of designs.



This triangle pen is constructed of one door, one full panel and two end pieces – only £80.00. 


If you have a specific size panel in mind that is not listed below we will be happy to quote for you, please note our maximum width is 9500mm.

Please note that we build panels to order – please therefore allow 7-21 days for your order. We will contact you to confirm your order and discuss the delivery date and time.