Boer Goats

The Boer Goat originates from South Africa, and unlike the majority of goat breeds in Europe which are used mainly as milk producing goats, the Boer is specifically bred as a meat goat.

Boers are short, stocky goats and are usually white bodied with brown heads and long low hanging ears. They have a placid temperament and are attentive mothers, usually giving birth to twins.

The breed is represented in the UK by the British Boer Goat Society where it has a loyal following. The breed is also particularly favoured in the United States, Australia and the Netherlands.



2 thoughts on “Boer Goats

    • Hi Paul thank you for your message. We often have a few girls for sale in the summer for breeding but do not have any at this time. Please check our stock for sale page after June/July when we will update with our 2017 stock. Thank you

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